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Rin Rin
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Wed, Dec. 12th, 2012 11:25 pm

hey everyone been awhile since I posted I guess... been really down and out of late. the effects of you not being around I just can't handle it. not to mention you not talking to me and ignoring me.  please come back soon. trying my best to handle all the projects and exams. its like the hardest period of my life in poly and yet you do this to me. what happened to all those promises you made to me when you left for china? were all those all just lies to make me let you go off easily? you promised to web cam with me.. got none till now. message me everyday and keep me company when I need you. you have been enjoying yourself so much. you forgot how much I have been suffering here all alone?


this morning got a message from you wishing me happy 27. but that's all I got from you... do you really mean it? cause I don't feel it...plus I bet you just got back from clubbing or going to the pub again. so much for I don't like these places...): so lonely and can't really concentrate much on my work cause I keep thinking of you instead... what should I do... ):


wad a way to end the day. night...


Sun, Nov. 4th, 2012 05:55 pm

Another week has passed. Hope everyone is doing well, honestly i'm not doing all too well. I feel lonely these days no matter how much I try not to think about it...


A lot of things are due soon especially the individual assignments, this last sem is the most tiring with all the deadlines all lined up together waiting to be submitted. I have better to get started on them before its too late. Need to manage my time well in order to really do well this semester. gpa 4 this semester! Is it possible? I sure think it is if I really try hard enough. Although I must say that I really need support from you... ):


if I get to partipate in nationals I'll do my best, if not time to give up cheer and continue with my studies full force ahead. don't want to waste time in something that I cannot do well in right? Although now its more of my physical that is a problem, napfa is also comingnsoon. shall try my best even though I know my body is like breaking down...


you have been away for like 1 month now, do you think of me? cause I don't feel it, its like you are in a whole different whole altogether... I'm like being neglected by you. no care and concern that I get from you. I'm breaking down, yet no one to lean on for support cause you are not here for me... now you keep going to clubs and enjoying yourself, eventhough you know I don't like it. in singapore you tell me you are not interested and all, but at the end of the day cause of peer pressure you submit yourself to them. you go around hugging other girls that you don't even know? how do you think I would feel. first you leave me here then do this kind of things... I'm disappointed... all the messages I sent you have you really read all of them? cause I don't get repkies from you. cry everynight hoping time will just pass by quickly so you'll be back here to protect me. ): miss you dearly come back soon... ),:


love, rine




Sun, Oct. 28th, 2012 11:13 pm

Hi everyone, another week has passed by.
Yes to you it may be really fast, but for me my time is going very slowly.
I just want 69 days to pass by really quickly so that i can be relieved off my torture.

Love Life:
I don't know why i feel this insecure, maybe it's cause you are so far away, yet i feel like you don't miss me or care for me.
When i messaged you all i get is one word replies or not even a reply at all.
On wednesday i fell down and injured myself, yet when i told you, the only reply i got from you was a word "orh".
You being so far away from me, i really don't mind if you keep me company and comfort me when you away.
But no. 
You love life there, enjoying yourself so much that you don't give a damn that i'm here waiting for you.
Wanting to know if you are alright, you are doing well, whether you are eating well, that you are safe and sound.
You don't care about me though... that's the feeling i am getting from you. 
Thus i feel insecure, over thinking and wondering whether am i important to you?
I really miss you... come back soon...before i die from waiting...

So far so good, understand what is being taught, found group members that i believe i can trust. 
Hopefully at the end of this semester i would do well and finish with a smile and accomplishment.
Things are going to be so busy, so i better be on the balls of my feet to keep up with everyone else.
Jiayou to the seniors in poly! We can do this!

Things are getting better, I hope it will continue this way. Maybe i have the chance to compete who knows.
I shall just do my best and achieve my goals and expectations.
Need to practice more round offs, back hand springs as well as my scorpion double downs!
I hope no one else leaves the team last minute.
All the best Blazers!

Love, Rin Rin.

Current Mood: blank blank


Mon, Oct. 22nd, 2012 11:09 pm

Hey everyone! How's life?


Today is the day I finally go back to school after 7 months of work and some relaxation. Eventhough it's the first day of school I can already feel the tension and stress building up... I have a field trip this Thursday and the fieldtrip report is due in 4 weeks time. Not to mention all the class test coming up in November and December. However on a brighter note, I only have 4 closed book examinable subject and one examinable subject that allows for an open book test!! That's like a bonus to ME! Was worried for a second that calculus might be difficult but since its open book its a relief!


Cheer has been alright, just kinda upset about some emotional stuff from the past. On how things were so different in the past that it may not be fair, how my relationship with the team was just real bad at that point in time. well at least things are improving now. I really hope we can find more members so that we can send two teams and everyone can have their moment of excitement as well as being proud that they have the chance to represent tp in a national competition. jiayou guys we can do it!


love life:
so much has happened since I last saw you two weeks ago. I'm feeling lonely and you are just too far away and busy with the things going on there to be bothered with me. kinda sad but I don't have much of a choice knowing that when I'm in pain or suffering alone you wont be there to comfort me and lend me your shoulder to cry on. I really miss you and hope the remaining 75 days would pass by really quickly. your birthday is next week wonder if your friends would celebrate for you your birthday. hope that you would take care there, behave yourself and stay healthy and well. hope that when you come back you'll be there for me when I need you. we don't even talk much these days, how am I going to survive. ): I miss you baby really do. come back soon, I really miss your warm and comforting hugs. I love you. jiayou too kay? been dreaming of you recently but everytime I see that your near and want to find you, you end up dissappearing... ): heartaches. webcam soon? ),:


I'll update again soon. take care everyone. (:



Tue, Oct. 16th, 2012 01:05 am

Hey everyone its been awhile since I blogged haven't I.


Many things has happened over the few months during my internship till now.
Its been a hectic and exhausting 6 months, although it has left me many memories, I don't want to go through with it again honestly.


As many of you know I have been on a student internship at universal studio singapore for 5 months as a retail associate. Many days whereby my legs would sore from the countless hours of standing as well as the long working hour shift that can go up to 5 days straight. well actually I don't mind the hours standing if I had something to do...I just stone and stare into space the whole day... not many people buy things from uss, cause honestly speaking it' just too costly. yes that has been my internship life for 5 months. mundane and boring without anything to look forward to other than my colleagues.


although I didn't enjoy the work there I have to say many people stay on working there it's because of their friendships that they have build for the period of time they have been there. I have to say I do miss them and will treasure the friendships. thanks for everything guys!


I guess I would say I was excited to work there at a point in time, but I figured its not something I would want to spend my time on or work as a retail associste in the future. I want an office job haha!!! so 5 months just passed by like that and the holidays are here to stay.


despite the fact that I should be happy that the holidays are here, I am not. cause I found out that my dear boy douglas is leaving soon for his overseas internship to beijing in a months time. only left so little time with him, but I kept getting into quarrels with him cause I felt that he's not giving me enough attention eventhough he's leaving. sad much.


he's leaving for 3 months and he's so excited to get he's freedom that he forgets that I'm left here all alone, not wanting him to leave. went out with him last Monday for our final date before 3 months separation with each other. bought my dear gongcha and a cake to celebrate his birthday that I would be missing out since he's not in singapore. hope he appreciates my effort! (:


went to watch taken 2 together and have a meal at astons where we spammed a few photos. last final ones with him till he returns home from beijing..he sent me home and when he's bus came he gave me a kiss and a hug. wanted to cry then but held myself back. what good will it do if he saw me crying. nothing, he'll still need to leave anyway...he smiled at me and boarded the bus... heart aching ): as he left my eyes were all watery. almost trip over a branch that was on the floor. body too weak to even know what's surrounding me... haix...


waiting by my phone everyday in the hopes that he'll contact me soon and talk to me cause I'm missing he's pressence.
its been already 6 days since he left. he contacts me everyday but I really want to feel he's warm hugs and kisses... if only I could be there with him...): still got another 81 days to go before he returns good luck to me. cause I really have no mood to do anything without him around...


update again soon take care guys.



Thu, Jan. 5th, 2012 11:54 pm

Almost done with 2 years of diploma education

Time flies really quickly! No kidding! Anyways went down to school today for accounting lecture. Dennis was giving very obvious hints to everyone lol..that's cause everyone did badly! who ask him don't wanna give me my half mark! :b Anyways went for calculus in the afternoon as well! Got back our MST paper so many careless mistakes again! ): but but! still got an A! thank god! i saved my soul lol!

Didn't go for training cause really not feeling well. The flu bug refuses to leave me alone! The number of trees that are gonna be chopped thanks to me flu and wasting all the huge amount of tissue papers lol... Done with MICE so it's time for me to take my medicine and rest! Good night all! Hope it will be a good day tmr! Dear gonna visit poor sick me! :D



Wed, Jan. 4th, 2012 11:41 pm

First Day @ Sugarloaf

All i can say was it sucked cause there was no crowd! ): Boring cause no one to be entertained by! And cause i was standing there for the entire day saying the same lines over and over again! ): They say i will miss SSM i kinda doubt it.. It ain't my thing yo. So tired that after we FINALLY END after the VERY VERY LONG BRIEFING i went to the toilet/ changing room and lie on the floor. Really couldn't get up... ): Horrible max...Hope next week will be better that's all i wanna faint already...






Tue, Jan. 3rd, 2012 11:37 pm

First Day of School

Went to school today to collect my results for accounting and BESE group project! Did quite well i should say! But i'm angry with Dennis! He no want to give me my half mark for my A! ):< Oh wells just do better for the other few tests i suppose! Jiayou me! Then we had a long and boring BESE Class but the long awaited scores was an A, so worth the wait i suppose~ :D Happy gal!
Went for training did physical training so tired...time to sleep SSM tmr! Hope operations run smoothly! Jiayou guys! :D



Mon, Jan. 2nd, 2012 11:38 pm

Time to sot things out!

Today was spend doing work and tutorials... i know right... what a way to spend my new year. But that's polytechnic life, your new year does not start when the new year comes. We're still dreadfully dragging things that are undone from the last year to this year. What can i do right? In a weeks time i would have 1 major project submission and 2 class test! ): Fml... what a new year indeed. lol...

Anyways that's about all! School tomorrow so i won't stay up till late! Training tomorrow too. I hope things will get better cause i', like stuck and confused and have no idea what to do. It's like dragging myself there for the sake of going. Someone please ignite my passion for cheer. I really feel like giving up and the only thing stopping me right now is my juniors that i really want to help, cause everyone else seems to have given up on them... Anyways Nights all! <3! Time to play with my toys~ :b


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Sun, Jan. 1st, 2012 10:39 pm

Happy New Year 2012!

Hi everyone went out to my Aunt's house today for celebration but most of the time i was sleeping! LOL. Was damn tired and was having a bad headache. :/ Not much appetite to eat too... :/ Oh wells.That's about it!

So here's what everyone does on New year!

My new year resolutions:

1) Get good grades. Still aiming for at least a 3.2 GPA.
2) Save some money for a holiday not in Singapore.
3) Last long with Dear Douglas.
4) Be happy and do what i think is right for me.
5) Enjoy my RWS internship and meet new friends and keep those who are always there for me.

Always! Shall end off with Photos!

Have a blessed 2012 ahead everyone! :D